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Born in the City of Brotherly Love


Damari Savile provides made to measure and ready to wear suiting to millennials looking for more of a stylish fit in their wardrobe.


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Our Story

Co-founders Malcolm Jenkins and Jay Amin met serendipitously in January 2017, during an evening out in the city of Philadelphia.

Both shared a deep fondness for men's fashion but had great difficulty locating styles that suited their taste and lifestyle.
So what do two entrepreneurs do when they find a hole in their favored industry?

They fill it.

And so Damari Savile was born, four months later, in a brick and mortar storefront on Washington Square Park.

3,000 sq-ft of storefront space are located at 709 Walnut Street.

Filled with over 400 ready to wear suits and shirts, and a private made to measure room to fit customers with the perfect fit, the Damari Savile storefront is a sight to see.

Two floors, Damari Savile has a whole level dedicated to catering to their customers. A whiskey cellar, conference room and kitchen complete the bottom floor, making it ideal for private entertainment and private group fittings for VIP customers.



Where did the name Damari Savile come from?

Damari, for Jenkin’s middle name, and Savile, London’s historical bespoke district, Savile Row, in the city of Amin’s birth and early upbringing, were melded together to create Damari Savile.



Malcolm Jenkins

A dynamic playmaker on and off the field, and a tireless philanthropist in the community, Malcolm Jenkins is a pillar in the Philadelphia eagles locker room and in the communities in which he has lived, worked, and played, including Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and his home state of New Jersey.

In an effort to enhance the lives of the youth in underserved communities, Jenkins launched the Malcolm Jenkins foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, in 2010, with a mission to affect positive change by providing resources, innovative opportunities, and experiences to help them succeed in life and become contributing members of their communities. The foundation is currently serving in four different states: NJ, OH, IA, and PA.

Jenkins has fully immersed himself in the world of fashion. In 2013, at the suggestion of his wife, Morrisa, Jenkins launched his own line of neckwear and accessories called rock avenue bowties. In 2017, he launched Damari Savile with partner Jay Amin, and dove head first into the world of luxury men's suiting.


Jay Amin


Jay Amin, a native of London, England, first fell in love with men's suiting as a young child. His father, who also shares in the art of dressing well, boasted wide peak lapels and double breasted suits on a daily basis. When Amin came to the USA just in time for elementary school, he began his pursuit to entrepreneurship. Once completing grade school, Amin felt a calling to serve in the US Navy, and spent 7.5 wonderful years becoming a man, traveling to foreign countries and experiencing cultures throughout the world. Amin says his greatest take away from the Navy is the imprint he received to pay attention to detail.

After completion, Amin started his journey to being his own boss. His style and knowledge of fashion was always noticed by everyone around him, and he committed to not following trends. Growing up in a modest household, Amin learned to mix and match with the best of 'em, because he knew that was all he had to work with.

Thoughout the years, he has worked with many individuals to help them gear there wardrobes and attire to best compliment their body, financials and desire. Amin unknowingly built a brand for himself and realized that he had a gift to formally share with the world. He is excited to bring men of all ages a stylish and comfortable fit that balances luxury and leisure, through Damari Savile. 

Luxury used to only be for wealthy people. It was based on scarcity and none of that seems relevant in today’s world. Feeling luxurious is something that every person is entitled to feel, regardless of age, wealth or education level, and I am determined to bring that to them with every piece we make.
— Co-founder, Jay Amin

Eric White

Eric White, also know as “E”, is a Co-Owner and Director of Image and Relations. A former financial sector employee, Eric brings a multitude of knowledge and business acumen to accompany his industry leading fashion expertise. Originally from Wisconsin, White always had dreams of being in the fashion industry. It was in high school when Eric began to give fashion advise and build relationships with local clothing stores to ensure that the looks he conjured up where achievable.

After graduating from college and working in Finance for several years, White took a chance and began a personal styling business that lead him to work with some of the world’s most well known and respected athletes and entertainers. Since then, White has garnered relationships and partnerships with some of the largest brands in the world, and prides himself in being able to offer such access to our Damari Savile clients!

Since 2014, Eric has made a conscious effort to broaden his reach, and make personal styling services available to everyone who is willing to put forth the effort. White lives by the mantra:

“Fashion is for everyone, and can only be limited by one’s imagination.”

Eric’s goal is to not only have our clients present themselves at their best, but to make sure they know that they are FAMILY!


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